Visit of Pro Grand Master M.W. Bro Peter Geoffrey Lowndes to Apollo Lodge No. 7886
on 20th October 2017.

WBro Alan Cook DistGSuptWks, WM of Apollo Lodge, was delighted to welcome to his lodge premises the Pro Grand Master, MW Bro Peter Geoffrey Lowndes, accompanied by WBro Charles Bertram Hopkinson-Wooley PDepGDC, following their visit to the District Grand Master, RW Bro Totos Theodossiou, and to the Offices of the District Grand Lodge. They were escorted throughout their visit by our District Grand
Secretary, WBro Robert Humphries PAGDC. The Pro Grand Master had expressed a wish to visit a lodge during his brief visit to Cyprus to mark the Tercentenary of the formation of the Grand Lodge of England, and prior to the District's Tercentenary Gala Ball that evening. 
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The M.W. Pro Grand Master was delighted to
be introduced to WBro Gordon Rowell PPrSGW (Northumberland) who was to celebrate 52 years in the Craft on 28th October. 
WBro Gordon remains an active member of Apollo Lodge at the age of 89.

Having visited the temple and social areas of
the lodge, the Pro Grand Master learned a good deal about Apollo Lodge, the District of Cyprus
and the difficulties faced by lodges within the
District whilst enjoying a coffee and answering questions posed by those officers of the lodge
who had been invited to attend.

In common with all other visitors to the rather ancient Nissen hut which houses Apollo Lodge, the Pro Grand Master was astonished to see the attractive and well maintained interior of the building including the beautifully laid-out dining room, which has met the needs of Apollo lodge members since its
conversion, by lodge members, from a state of dereliction in 1985.

The Pro Grand Master was very pleased to receive a framed print of an original painting by Bro Brian Howard depicting the lodge building and gardens.