Benevolence & Charity

Benevolence and Charity are the first principles of  Freemasonry that new members are reminded to embrace. 

Individual Lodges collect money for charity each year from their members, through individual donations and various fund raising activities. The Master of the Lodge for the year determines, when he first takes charge, where the money donated to his "Master's List" will be applied. He may nominate a Masonic Charity or any other charitable cause at his discretion. Quite often, the charity donations from Cyprus Lodges are shared with local charities as well as the major Masonic Institutions.

The amount raised by Masons for the "Grand Charity" of the United Grand Lodge of England amounts to several million pounds
a year. Contrary to generally held views, the accounts show that almost half of this is donated to non Masonic Charities.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, Lodges also contribute directly to charities of their choice but central
records are not kept of their non Masonic donations. It can, however, be safely assumed that the total amount contributed to private charities exceeds donations to Masonic Institutions.

The District Grand Lodge of Cyprus has undertaken many charitable projects, especially since the Millennium when the
Millennium Charitable project of 2000 - 2001 began a cycle of  increasingly ambitious  projects which carry on to this day.

Details of our Charitable Projects from 2000 to the present can be found in the District
Archives and in the Archived District Newsletters.

Photo albums of recent Masonic Golf Competitions and Charity Band Concerts can be viewed on the District Library page on the main menu. Previous events are archived on the District Archive pages.