Cyprus Masters' Lodge No 9865 E.C.

With seven Lodges operating and a considerable number of Past Masters who seldom came together collectively, except at the District Grand Lodge Annual Communication, there was no forum where they could debate,
conduct and deliver topics of research or demonstrate aspects of ritual or other ceremonies.

With the installation of R.W.Bro.S.F.N.Waley, PProvGM (West Kent)  as District Grand Master Cyprus in
October 1996, it was not long before the idea of establishing a Cyprus Masters' Lodge emerged. The popularity of such an idea can readily be confirmed by the fact that there were 73 Founder Members when the Lodge was
consecrated on 15 May 1997 by  R.W. Bro. Cdr. M.B.S. Higham,  RN,  PJGW, Grand Secretary.  The Lodge was, quite appropriately, sponsored by St. Paul's Lodge No. 2277, the oldest Lodge on the Island.  The Cyprus
Masters' Lodge meets at St. Paul's Lodge premises.

Although a young Lodge, the talent and experience available to it is quite
considerable and its collective voice will contribute much towards the expansion and future development of Freemasonry on the Island. It has become a 'Tradition' in this Lodge that the Office of Worshipful Master
rotates between a 'young' and 'older' Past Master each year. This gives all Brethren the opportunity to
hold this prestigious Office. No Brother is excluded from  participating in the Lodge by reason of age or
inexperience as a Past Master. (Other officers are changed each year)

For further information contact the Secretary
W. Bro. Nick Nuesink on :
    e-mail : HERE    Tel :     (00357) 97699101

W. Bro.
WM 2018 - 2019

Meeting Dates

The Lodge meets on the second Monday in May (Installation)
And third Monday's in October and
At 8 Jerusalem Street,