Kolossi Preceptory No 684

The United Grand Lodge of England is the original Founding and Ruling Masonic Authority for Freemasonry in Cyprus; with
St Paul's Lodge No 2277 first consecrated in 1888. The Great Priory of the United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of 
the Temple and of  St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta of England and Wales and its Provinces Overseas
are the Ruling Authority for the Knights Templar Degree. The Templar Degree is one of the oldest of the "Chivalric Degrees"
a strictly Christian Degree, members referred to as the Poor Soldiers of Christ and the Order of the Temple of  Solomon.
Members have to be Master Masons of a least one years standing and Members of the Royal Arch Chapter Degree.
Membership is very select  and strictly by Invitation.

Great Priory in London through the aegis of R.E.Kt John Brackley K.C.T Great Vice-Chancellor gave permission for a
Kolossi Preceptory to be Consecrated and the necessary Petition Forms were issued. The first Founding Sub-Committee
Meeting was held in January 2011. Many hours were spent locating premises, obtaining and making the required Furniture
and obtaining  Regalia and approaching some 30 Founder Members - including 19 Brethren for Installation into the Degree.
Tremendous assistance and guidance was also given from the U.K by R.E.Kt Paul Clement G.C.T Great Marshal and E.Kt
Robert Parrott  PGt.WofReg. Great Priory then gave the singular  honour to "Kolossi" by announcing that a Consecrating
Team led by the Most Eminent and  Supreme Grand Master Timothy John Lewis G.C.T would come to Cyprus to perform the
Consecration and Installation  Ceremonies in Limassol on Friday 25th May 2012, as opposed to the normal procedure of
"Kolossi" going to Priory in London  On Friday 25th May 2012 Members of the Great Priory led by the Most Eminent &
Supreme Grand Master Timothy John Lewis  G.C.T with His Consecration Team Convened a Preceptory at the Temple at
6 Jerusalem Street Limassol and 19 Companions. were Installed as Knights Templar.

After a recess the Most Eminent & Supreme Grand Master was received, his Officers appointed and Kolossi Preceptory
No 684 Consecrated with full  ceremonial. R.Et.K Alan J. Englefield K.C.T was then Installed as 1st Preceptor of Kolossi
                                        Preceptory No 684 and then Appointed and Invested his Officers.

A Gala Consecration "White Table" Festive Board followed attended by some 85 Knights, their Ladies and Guests

The next day, Sat 26th May a Tour was arranged to Kolossi Castle [with Bro. Angelos Kyriakoudes acting as guide] followed by a visit to the Ancient Curium and lunch on Curium Beach.

E. Knight

Renos Makrosellis

Eminent Preceptor

2018 - 2019

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The Preceptory will meet at Jerusalem Street, Limassol on
3rd Saturday in January - 2nd Sat in May [Installation] and 3rd Sat in September.
We shall be ever indebted to the Great Priory for England & Wales for their support, assistance and visit to
Consecrate Kolossi Preceptory No 684

For Further information contact the Registrar - A. Theocharous, Tel 00357 99597131 ,email : HERE

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